Happy Food Day!

Check out this website for more news about Food Day…which is TODAY!

Food Day is a chance for the nation to look at what is wrong with American diets and the food system. Food Day advocates healthy meals that are produced in a humane way.  It also aims to alleviate hunger for those who do not have access to meals. Furthermore, Food Day aims to change conditions for farm works and agricultural industries. Food Day can change the way Americans look at food.

There are plenty of events going on today that you can get involved in! If you can’t make any of them, try eating a healthy meal tonight with your family. It might not seem like a lot, but it definitely gets Food Day’s message out. Furthermore, studies have shown that eating with your family will decrease your chances of developing an eating disorder, trying drugs, and  getting bad grades. Check out the eight reasons to make time for family dinner.

Hope YOU have an awesome Food Day!

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