bow chicka wow wow

Louis Vuitton Condom. THIS IS FOR REAL (image source:

Don’t be a ding-dong, cover your schling-schlong. In other words, WEAR A CONDOM or MAKE SURE YOUR PARTNER USES ONE before you get your bow chicka wow wow on.

Condoms act like a super forcefield and prevent sperm from entering the vagina. Thus, they prevent pregnancy and lower the risk of STIs. If you can master the art of condom-wearing, male condoms can be 98% effective. To refresh your memory, check out this how to guide. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Magnum, Ecstasy, Bareskin. You might be more familiar with these different Trojan condoms. But did you know that there are 4 types of condoms?

$68 per condom! (image source:

1. Condoms w/ spermicide, which is a chemical that kills sperm. Not recommended for oral or anal sex.

2. Spermicide-free

3. Latex. Did you know that latex can stretch up to 800%? Used w/ oil-based lube will cause breakage and slippage.

4. Non-Latex. OK w/ oil-based lube

Condoms are THE cheapest and most accessible form of birth control. According to, 1 condom can costs as little as 18 cents! 18 cents vs. all the expenses of having a baby? Is that even a question?! Use a condom.

No money? No problem. Check your local family planning clinic and see if they offer free or low cost condoms.


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