More Vitamin D, Please

D is for Delightful. D is for Delicious. D is for DUDE, gimme some of that vitamin D please! We’re all familiar with vitamin C (probably because of that one band’s sad but true graduation song) and we know that it’s important. As soon as we got an itch in our throat, we head straight to Vons to pick up some OJ.  However, what most people don’t know is that vitamin D is vital for healthy living.

image source: Alyssa Llamas

“Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps your body absorb calcium and phosphorus” (WebMD). Calcium and phosphorus help you develop strong bones- but this would not be possible without the help of vitamin D. Also, vitamin D:

  • Protects the immune system
  • Reduces risk of developing multiple sclerosis
  • Can reduce asthma symptoms

Vitamin D deficiency is when vitamin D levels in the blood are low. It  can occur when you have limited exposure to sunlight, don’t consume enough of it (it’s found in some fish, egg yolks, cheese, plus more), or if you’re obese, have dark skin, have problems with your digestive tract and/or kidneys. Being vitamin D deficient can lead to bone pain and muscle loss.

Furthermore, “Vitamin D deficiency is one of the major causes of rickets in babies. This condition is characterized by bone softening and it leads to serious bone deformities. If vitamin D levels are low, bones will not be properly mineralized; calcium and phosphorus will not be properly absorbed. Skeletal deformities are extremely difficult to treat” (Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms).

Make sure you get enough Vitamin D

If you’re trying to get some vitamin D from natural sunlight, you have to make sure you aren’t wearing sunblock because otherwise your skin will not absorb it. Fatty fish like salmon, tuna, mackeral are among the best sources of vitamin D.   Talk to your doctor about taking supplements as an alternative.

P.S. Watch this video for more information! Vitamin D Debate.


One response to “More Vitamin D, Please

  1. Darn. I would feel more safe wearing sunblock though but I love my sunshine vitamin D! haha.The multivitamin I’m currently taking has 200% vitamin D. I do definitely feel a difference since I’ve started taking vitamins. I also feel more energized. Probably because of my lack of nutrients/vitamins before. I’m glad I started taking them!
    Thanks for commenting and liking my post!!!

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