News Flash!

I was watching the News this morning and a story caught my attentionMore Kids Injured by Falling TVs. Wait, what? More kids?

A new CPSC data report issued today shows that 349 consumers (84%) of them were children younger than age 9 were killed between 2000 and 2011, when TVs, furniture or appliances toppled over onto them. CPSC estimates that more than 43,000 consumers are injured each year in tip-over incidents and more than 25,000 (59%) of those injuries are to children under the age of 18.


Flat Screen TV = Top Heavy + Narrow Base

Flat Screen TV + Curious Kid = TV Falls on Kid

Flat Screen TV > 50 lbs > Kid

Impact of a TV Falling on a Kid = Impact of a Kid Falling off a 10-Story Building

To help prevent tip-over tragedies, CPSC recommends the following safety measures in homes where children live or visit:

Looks like my old roomies and I got it right. By the way, this is the heaviest TV ever. Photo by: Alyssa Llamas

Looks like my old roomies and I got it right. By the way, this is the heaviest TV ever. Photo by: Alyssa Llamas

  • Anchor furniture to the wall or the floor.
  • Place TVs on sturdy, low bases, or anchor the furniture and the TV on top the base, and push the TV as far back on the furniture as possible.
  • Keep remote controls, toys, and other items that might attract children off of TV stands or furniture.
  • Keep TV and/or cable cords out of reach of children.
  • Make sure freestanding kitchen ranges and stoves are installed with anti-tip brackets.
  • Supervise children in rooms where these safety tips have not been followed.

Maybe you don’t have kids yet. But you might have a baby sister or brother or cousin. Or maybe your (fill in the blank) has a kid. Let your parents, aunts, uncles, friends, co-workers know what safety measures they can take to protect their kids.

Image Source: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission


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