So, want to go to college?

Then maybe you stop that gross little habit of yours. That’s right, you have to quit smoking. More and more colleges in the U.S. have become 100% smoke-free campuses, which means those who violate the smoking regulations could have to pay fines or be put on probation.

Colleges tell smokers, ‘You’re not welcome here’

As drastic as it could sound to some, it totally makes sense. After all, we go to college to become educated, and educated people should know that smoking kills. We learned that in kindergarten and every year after, so by the time we’re in college, it should be engrained in our brains.

I’d rather enjoy the fresh air on my walk to the library instead of being “welcomed” by a cloud of smoke. Dude, I came to school to learn, not to get cancer from second-hand smoke.

So if you’re planning on going to college and are a smoker, the ultimate way to prepare yourself is to quit smoking. And maybe learn how to do your own laundry.

Still not convinced you should quit? Check out these 11 Facts About Smoking.


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