So you procrastinated on getting gifts again, huh? Guess I know who’s been naughty. However, fear not, because getPHYT has compiled a list of gifts we think would rock for your family members….you’re welcome.

image source: blog.eyeobags.com


Does your mom get super stressed out during the holiday season? Or ALWAYS? Through breathing techniques, yoga is a great way to calm a person-and their mind- down. According to WebMD, “There is a decrease in catecholamines, the hormones produced by the adrenal glands in response to stress.” Yoga improves flexibility, lung capacity, and posture, so treat yo mama right and get her a yoga mat.

FOR YOUR DAD- Go Red for Women Golf Balls

The Go Red for Women campaign raises awareness for heart disease amongst women. According to CNN, “About 25% of proceeds will help fund research and support education and community programming for awareness of the disease. Thus, while your dad is hitting around a few balls with his buddies, he can be fighting the #1 killer of women. Get them here.


If your grandpa takes a medication but often forgets to take it at a set time, this invention will knock his socks off. The Rx Pillzie is a sleeve that goes over a pill container and it contains an alarm that reminds you to take your dose! AND it comes in cool patterns. Impressive.


We’ve already discussed the benefits of dancing, so it’s no wonder we are full supporters of this video game. Just Dance 3 is the perfect way for lil ones to get their recommended one hour of physical activity a day while having tons of fun. You might be getting the gift for her, but trust me, its very much for you, too.

FOR YOUR OLDER BROTHER- Volume Limiting Earphones

Does your brother like to ignore you? Does he turn on his iPod and try to drown out any noise you make? Well, let him do so while keeping his earbuds in tact. These earphones are just like any other pair, except the maximum volume it reaches are lower than others. Listening to music too loud can cause permanent hearing loss, so help a brotha out and protect his hearing.

For more great ideas check out CNN and Health.com


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