Proof that Public Health Works!

Make public health a part of your daily life. How? Go on walks with your family after dinner. Do a half marathon (or a 5K or 10K) with your friends. Start a community garden. Or go on a healthy foodie adventure and Instagram every single healthy meal. #NObesityBEhealthy. That hashtag probably needs some work, but you get the idea. Public health is more than just YOU eating healthy and YOU exercising regularly. A big part of public health is raising awareness about these healthy behaviors with people in your community. So, share those experiences with your family and friends. Spread the word about public health!

Breast cancer awareness + 5K walk + delicious and healthy brunch = Awesome day of public health with friends

getPHYT & Race for the Cure

getPHYT team, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, LA 2012


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